Mark dropped around to help roll the boat yesterday. It is much quicker and easier if you have one person winding a winch in and one winding the other winch out so the boat just rolls.

It went off like clockwork as usual and the hull is now upside down with bricks and blocks under the beam landings.

Before going much further I wanted to see where the waterline is on the hull. However my laser level is on the blink so the hull has been set up so the W/L is parallel to the ceiling. (The ceiling was true 20yrs ago, when I built it. Pre stressed concrete flooring panels on 12 inch thick steel beams.) All I had to do was cut a stick to the required length, taped a couple of levels to it so I could keep it exactly vertical and mark off the hull. (BTW:- I have ordered another laser to double check before making it permanent. I will most likely resort to the fishing line method of permanently marking the W/L. Hold the line against the hull with tabs of tape and paint resin over it. When the resin has cured pull the line off and its indent showing the W/L remains for the life of the boat.)

My plan is to make the cradle now but I am tempted to put a coat of high build undercoat on it first.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Here is a pic showing the O/B motor mount and emergency hatch from below.
[Linked Image]

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