I have installed the port seat side panels and was taping in the stbd side earlier today.

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I looked at sourcing the watertight hatches required to house the emergency gear, EPIRB flares etc but
couldn't source the ones I wanted in the size I wanted so I made my own.
Here is a pic of the hatch to be accessed from inside the ****.
[Linked Image]

Below is the hatch that would be accessed from the nets if the boat has flipped.

[Linked Image]

Once the seals have been installed they will both be perfectly flush so I'll paint the cylinder the "T"
handle is in red for contrast so it can be easily found.

Over the next couple of days I hope to flip the main hull upside down and elevate it with the winch system
sufficiently that I can either sit or stand beneath and start the internal taping of the installed seat panels.

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