I've not had much chance to work on the boat lately but I have taken some more pics of the stuff I have had a chance to do.

Suspending the floats with webbing straps on lines makes it easy to both rotate the floats and vary how high they are off the ground depending on the task at hand.

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Below I'm preparing the area around where the foil case comes out of the deck to take a high density filler.
The plastic is taped to the foam to ensure the only place the filler goes is where it is needed.

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After the deck I did the keel and in both cases removing the foam is much harder than I expected.
It has a pretty strong bond with the internal laminate.
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Most of the foam has been removed but still more work to do. I'm glad it is so hard to separate the foam.
Bodes well for the integrity of the final structure.
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