The building never stops.
I have been trying to find someone to make a pullpit to a specific design but the engineering places around here all seem swamped with work.
Finally I gave up chasing someone else to make it, borrowed a pipe bender and got to work myself.
I filled the stainless tube with sand, made plugs for each end of the tube and applied some heat while I made the bends.

[Linked Image]

Once everything was bent,the parts cut and notched to fit neatly, I did some tac welds and timber bracing to hold it just right.

I found a chap who makes alloy wheels to weld it up properly. Ultimately this pullpit will carry the mast when trailering.
Carrying the mast on the pullpit will reduce the time taken to get the boat off the trailer, I always raise my mast on the water.

The pullpit will also take the nav lights. They will be mounted on the side plates and the wires will run down inside the stainless rear tubes.
The rear tubes fit into sockets in the deck that drain into the anchor well.

[Linked Image]
Now I have to polish it all up and fit it to the boat.

[Linked Image]

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