I'll answer below:-

>I am considering a F85SR Build in Western Australia.
>What size vac pump are you using?

The pump I'm using has a 1hp motor. I don't have any other info as it was a gift from a friend.

>Did you compile a composite purchase list?
A comprehensive list comes with the plans so I used that.

>I am trying to get a handle on the cost for a simple F85SR >but mostly to determine what I need to spend to get started?

That depends if you want to buy all your materials first or just a bit at a time. I bought all the resin, glass, foam, uni carbon, vacuum consumeables (release film, vac film and absorption fabric) as well resin additives (filler, glue mix etc). Basically all the composite materials that I need to make the floats, beams and main hull for around $14,000

I had to shop around to get it at this price but if you do decide to build I'm happy to share my supplier info offline.
That would at least give you something to start working from.

>What epoxy are you using? Supplier?

Over the years I've built up a rather strong allergy to most brands of epoxy. So when I went looking for epoxy I wanted something that was not only a good quality but also one that would not affect me too badly. I ended up buying my epoxy from Gurit. So I'm using Ampreg 21. I really like this epoxy but it is one of the more expensive. If cost is an issue I can tell you of other epoxies that are cheaper. The extra cost was worth it to me because of my allergy.

>What head height do you think is the minimum?

This is also specified in the plans. Farrier leaves nothing out. The height to be able to join the main hull is 2750mm. But this is on a strong back with legs. (The legs specified are there to make the work easy on your back. Not too much bending.)
I have 2700mm and will cut the legs down on the strong back when I want to join the main hull.

I hope that info is of some help.


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