I understand your comments about the cornices. But then I hate putting them up so not surprised they are not perfect.
Building boats on the other hand I really enjoy.

Recently I have been making the flat panels for the **** floor and **** seat.
I seems like it is taking up a lot of resin and concerned the panels may be heavier than optimal because of this.

Once again I took detailed notes when making the panels and decided to analyse the outcome of the **** seat panel.

The **** seat all laminated but with peel ply still on weighs 5800gms.

It was made in two sections and joined after because my vacuum table is not long enough to do it in one piece.
It took 120grams of resin to glue them together and glass tape the join with 60gms of glass tape..
Not concerned about this weight as the joined section will be cut out and discarded
when the CMM is fitted but the numbers are needed in the analysis.

So 180gms all up to join to two halves.

Making the panels the glass required to laminate the upper surface 896gms and lower surface 614gms.
Total 1510gms. And I used 2051gms of resin.
The foam weighed a total of 2328gms.

With the finish panel weighing 5.8kg but still covered in resin soaked peel ply.

I weighed a section of peel ply that I removed to do the join and this allowed me to calculate that there is still
approx 318gm to come off the 5800 when the peel ply is removed. leaving 5482gms for the panel.
When you subtract 180gms (joining) 2328gms (foam) and
1510 gms (glass)

So 5482-180(join)-2328(foam)-1368(glass) = 1464 of resin in the laminate to wet out 1510gms of cloth and fill the 1.5mm holes drilled every 30mm.
The laminate on close inspection looks perfect so my concern about resin consumption resulting in a heavier than optimum panel is not something to worry about.

My resin allergy has been causing me some problems so I thought I'd take a break from working on the boat for a couple of days and analysed some weights to pass the
time and cross check what I'm doing.

Crazy waste of time?

Most certainly!

But I found it entertaining.

BTW:- below is a couple of pics of how I have approached the installation of the **** floor.
The extra timbers are set up to align the **** floor exactly and will be removed before I can install the **** seat.

[Linked Image]

Under the floor.
[Linked Image]

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