I pulled all the vacuum layers off the hull yesterday including the peel ply. The laminate looks perfect. I've been right over it and there are no pin holes in the weave and the fibres all look properly wet out.
When doing the laminating I have some friends that come around and help so I have the luxury of being able to keep accurate records when mixing the resin. The weight of the hardener and resin for each mix is recorded.

We used 5.7kg of resin mix to wet out approx 7 sq metres of 400gm E glass.When the absorption fabric was removed I weighed it and weighed samples to work out how heavy it was before it went in.
This allowed me to work out how much of that 5.7kg was absorbed and how much left in the laminate. So it looks like the laminate took up 3.2kg of resin to properly wet out both the laminate and foam.

Now the interesting fact is that people have been talking about 250 to 300gms of resin per sq metre being needed just to wet the foam. Assuming a 50/50 glass resin ratio,it seems that with a really good vacuum and a little heat at the right time it may be less than 100gms per square metre needed for the foam.
Only one more float half to go. I'll probably do the same measurements on that one to see if I get the same results.

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