I've been busy just haven't done much updating.

The spinnaker pole socket now has the carbon fore stay fitting in place.
I won't fit it to the main hull until the pole is made as this will help me line it up along the centerline and get the right angle to the WL.
The landing has been made for the foredeck hatch to give a flat surface to mount it in the curved foredeck. I didn't like the hatch I bought so have ordered a lower profile hatch from NZ. I hope to use the original hatch as an escape hatch. So the foredeck now has a hole in it that I can pass stuff through when working inside.
The mould for the spinnaker pole and boom is finished and I have sourced a roll of Lay Flat Tubing (polypropylene) and a device to seal the ends so I can make the cylindrical bag to inflate to compact the layup in the mould. I'm just waiting on the delivery of some carbon that I want to include in the layup.
I have just had a delivery of some parts that I need to make the carbon anchors for the screacher and spinnaker on the pole when it is made.
Mark has machined the foam blanks for my rudder and I have one complete layer of uni and twill on each foam half to make them really stiff . All done vacuumed to plate glass to ensure they are true.
All had a 200gm layer of glass laminated on C/L before machining to hold the foam when it get really thin and give a really good trailing edge. They have been glued together and the HD insert glued in place.

I have made a glass flange in the main hull to support the forward bunk. First went in some formwork to make a mould all covered in packing tape so it would release the glass.
Today I cut out the foam for the forward berth and it has been laminated and currently under vacuum.
I do have some pics and will post them when projects are getting close to being finished.
Still much to do and having fun along the way.

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