I have now laminated the inside of the stbd side of the main hull. I still have to foam plank and laminate the side and deck before joining.
I performed the lamination in two phases. The rear 3rd and then the fwd 2/3rds. Given the warmer temps at this time of year this gave me more time to get the vacuum in place during the vacuum window. I'm still keeping detailed notes of the resin used and removed from the hull in the vacuum consumeables. I also record the time of each mix and the temperature. The time and temp allows me to confirm that I get the vacuum on inside the window.
The resin content of the laminate is running at 45%.
Interestingly after wetting out the glass it is 55%, after adding the peel ply and applying a thin layer of resin to wet the peel ply. This allows the squeegee to move easily over the peel ply and shows up any dry spots the resin content is at 64%. After the vacuum and resin is taken out with the absorption fabric it ends up at 45%.
And yes to work stuff like this out I must have too much time on my hands.

First I did the rear section as per pic still under vacuum.
[Linked Image]

Pic of fwd section the day after as the vacuum was turned of at 10pm the previous evening.
[Linked Image]

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