The absorption fabric is black. Maybe that is misleading as the order of layers is foam screwed to the frame battens from the outside (screws miss penetrating through the foam by 3mm), bi-di glass(0/90), peel ply, perforated film to release the absorption fabric and then the black absorption fabric and then vacuum film.

I used slow hardener and given our temp at the time I would have had to run the vacuum pump for 15 hours so I covered the structure in black plastic , stuck a fan eater up one end and after 30 mins the temp of the structure stabilised at 40deg C. So with that temp I ran the vacuum for a little over 5 hours.
I have just started to strip the layers off and the laminate is looking great. After peeling all the layers off except the peel ply I took some pics and put them in my photo albumn.

[Linked Image]


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