I have been back working on the boat for a couple weeks now after finishing the work required to make a storage space for them under my front verandah.
The chain plates are made and fitted and I'll take the folding mechanism to the anodisers later in the month when they come back from their christmas break.
Currently I'm in the process of fairing the floats.
I've made 5mmx5mm notches in 250mm long heavy duty plastic trowel with 30mm between each notch. The trowel is held at an angle when applying the filler to the hull which makes the beads of filler only 2mm high. It takes 0.95 litres of resin to bead one half of one hull. Once cured it then takes 1.5 hours to sand most of it off with a 4 ft longboard with 40 grit paper. That is working hard and sweating a lot it ends up being a full body workout but it gets good results.
It takes a similar amount of resin to fill the hollows marked by the beads remaining after the long boarding.
At this stage I'm really glad that I was so careful in placing the foam as the fairness of the hull is much better than it otherwise would be resulting in less work and less added weight in the form of fairing compound.
I'm pretty happy with the way the fairing is going.

I'd post some pics but I still cant upload pics to the photo albumn.

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