For over a week now I've been getting a "Critical Error" when trying to access the photo album so I'm unable to upload more pics. My carbon chain plates are built and installed and I'm very happy with the result. It's time to put a finish on the outside of the floats.
So I've diverted to excavating under my front verandah and will put in a 20 plus metre long path 1600mm wide and brick retaining wall where I can store the floats end to end and work on putting a finish on them while working on the beams and main hull. Having them out of the way like this will allow me to work on the finish at my leisure and I can keep at it until it is spot on.
This excavation is taking a while and I can't wait to get back to working on the boat.

BTW:- Mark Hastings is just about finish machining the folding mech on his CNC machine and it is really top notch work. I can't post a pic of it on catsailor with the "critical error problem" but he did post one on Multihull Sailing Anarchy. If the Catsailor photo album starts working I'll stick a pic there.

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