Welcome to the F85SR club. I hope you enjoy the building as much as I am.
On another topic I still can't post pics on the catsailor photo albumn so can't show anymore pics of my build. I sent a message to Rick a while back and he said he will look into the problem.

Currently I'm sanding the folding Mech that Mark Hastings has made for me using his CNC machine. He has done a wonderful job so I'm removing the machine marks to make it perfect before it gets anodized.

I'm using 180, and 600 wet and dry. The 180 is used dry. It is quite surprising when I brush off the dust that builds up with my bare hand it takes half a dozen strokes of the 180 before the oil deposited by my fingers is removed. I can feel the 180 slide back and forth before it starts to cut again.
To me this illustrates the folly of touching sanded glass when you are about to bond something to it. No wonder Farrier is so adamant that you must not touch the areas the beams are to bond to in the floats after they are prepared.

I was quite surprised how such a small amount of contact can make such a big difference.This project is not only enjoyable it is also full of interesting observations.


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