I have been following this thread for a while now and finally took the plunge yesterday to get a F-85SR built. I wish I had the time and patience to build one of these trimarans myself, but I don't.

Instead, I have commissioned Michael Mallory of Multihullsdirect in the Philippines to build the boat. I have been assigned Sail No. 10 and I hope to launch the boat around the 1st October this year.

I have decided to get a standard F-85 built, with following modifications:
- centreboard option (so that it will kick back if I hit a rock)
- reinforcement for the lifting foil cases, so that I can fit them in the future
- all the necessary attachments so that I can race in Category 3 passage races.
- It is an epoxy foam boat with carbon reinforcement only as specified in the plans

Initially I will be racing in the Philippines, but will probably take it back to Perth once my current assignment is over, maybe in 2015.

I am very excited to see how this trimaran performs and will keep you updated with photos. According to Michael, by the end of April, the hull should be well and truly taking shape.

Michael is looking for more customers, so if you want his contact details, please PM me. I think it is a pretty competitive build price, compared to what second Farriers are currently priced at in Australia.