Thanks for the compliment.
It's a pity that Rick has taken down the photo album for catsailor because most of my earlier progress posts
presented pics that I had stored in the photo album.
Now the posts talk about photos that you can't see.

I still have the pics and in fact a quick check on the pics that I've taken shows around 2,000 photos of the work stored on my laptop.

It has been very useful. I work out a technique of doing something and sometime later want to replicate it,
I just find the relevant photos and it all comes back.

As far as vacuum pumps you have a pretty cool setup. It never occurred to me to put a timer on my setup.
I guess I'm not that bright as it would have saved me getting up in the early hours of the morning to turn it off
quite a few times.
All my really big vacuuming jobs are now done but I think I'll still get the timer setup for the many small ones
left to do.
I currently have the forward berth under vacuum. After that goes in I'll get back to making my carbon spinnaker pole and boom.

I know that the voices in my head aint real,
but they have some pretty good ideas.
There is no such thing as a quick fix and I've never had free lunch!