I have been taking weights but not lately and currently held up working on it by a broken collar bone so I can't do much with the boat except give you estimates from what I've measured so far. Bear in mind that I'm building using the heavier glass laminate option and carbon beams built under vacuum.

The floats were around 130 each with the lifting foil cases installed but still some internals and fairing which has already been done but not weighed since. I expect it to be less than the 150. and the floats are much more bouyant , ie- larger, than the F82.

The beams and hardware should come out quite a bit lighter. Maybe as low as half. The folding mech only weighs around 5kg 11pounds plus bolts per beam.
I don't know about the main hull as I have not started it yet.

I will be able to provide more info when I am a little more mobile and can do some more work.


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