With the main hull out of the frames and upright its time to get the stbd half ready to be laminated.
The plan is to do the cabin top, foredeck and side first. to this end I just filled these rebates.

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I'm keeping the sharp corners between the cabin top, sides and hull.
My reasoning is if I can make it look fair along these sharp corner by sanding the flat panels leading up to them once I round off the corners it will look spot on.

Just a theory I have- see below. Should look even better once I round the corners.

[Linked Image]

Here is a shot over the ****. I have made the longest cabin allowed for and the **** it still huge.
Note I still have to finish trimming the cabin roof and side back to the companionway bulkhead.
[Linked Image]

I forgot to mention that I have peel ply in several diff colours. I don't take it off until I have to .
This makes it look a bit shabby until removed but it has saved me twice big time.
Once inside taping in bulkheads I tipped over a pot of resin not noticing until it was emptied all through the hull.
I mopped up what I could and the rest will come out with the peel ply.
The other was when painting the hull under the **** I tipped over the paint onto a section of the hull that I needed to glass tape.
I just pulled up the peel ply to give a clean surface for bonding.
Both saving a lot of time sanding.

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