Just returned from SF. Spent Sat/Sun in front of the GGYC watching the races. If you think these things are impressive on UTTUBE you have got to see them live(to bad this may be the last time this class of boat will ever be raced). The near capsize on Saturday had everyone on shore doing the gasp and exhale. Besides the cup races just watching the sailboat eye candy was worth the trip.

Some side notes. A large of sailboats on the bay just sailing during the cup races. As in, not really interested I would rather be sailing then watching AC races sailing.
Inside scoop is that NZ alrady has a 1st class ticket from SF to NZ under the name of THE CUP.
Talking to a guy who had spent some time in the Kiwi camp he saide that if they win it will be back to monos(about 60 ft) with strong nationality rules. The idea is to make it more affordable and get more teams.