Did you hear the news today?

Of course not- the mainstream media IS the democraptic party, and wont publish/discuss it.

The WSJ DID however.

** Remember when the FBI director went on Natl TV, and made the case like he WAS going to prosecute Billary, and then near the very of the speech- said yea, it was wrong, it was criminal, but we're not prosecuting?

Well guess what? Read the WSJ article!
He was BOUGHT OFF - BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ironhead, et. al.- I"m voting for the lesser of two evils (Trump is not evil), and the choice is clear to me, how could it not be to anyone else? And if it's not, the yare NOT using pure logic.

This isn't hearsay, these are facts. So many of them- facts- on how corrupt and criminal The Billary machine is. Pull your heads out, pull your heads out
That anyone other than the VERY corrupt, or the VERY uninformed, would vote for this excuse for a shemale.

It's about AMERICA!!

And BTW- I do currently vote for democraps with go fiscal values, who are not corrupt.
Case in point- our current County Sheriff, and the current current County executive, both Democraps, and I"ve voted for them both in two elections

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