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Some signs from the women's march yesterday.

Donald J, Trump Will Lie About This

Super callous fascist racist extra braggadocios

Women Are the Wall
Trump Will Pay For It

Ive seen smarter cabinets at IKEA

Hands off my twat you tweeting twit!

Tinkle tinkle little czar
Putin made you what you are

Hey, Mr Tangerine man, get impeached for me

If I incorporate my uterus, will you stop regulating it?

So bad, even introverts are here


Melania, blink twice if you need our help

First, they came for the Muslims and we said...

But, looking at the positive of all the marching yesterday... Trump got more overweight people out walking in one day that Michelle Obama got out in eight years... cool

We Shall Overcomb

Make America Think Again

Think Outside My Box

Did You Remember To Set Your Clocks Back 60 Years Last Night?

Grab him by the midterms

If Moms Not Happy, Nobodys Happy

Orange Is the New Fascism

Leave it to the Beavers

Viva la Vulva

This Pussy Grabs Back

Donald You Ignorant Slut

Impeach Trump, Convert Pence

Sorry World, Well Fix This

We Want a Leader, Not a Creepy Tweeter

1968 is Calling. Dont Answer

Fact Checkers of the World, Unite!

I know signs. I make the best signs. Theyre great. Everyone agrees
Vaginas Brought You Into the World
Vaginas Will Vote You Out

I Wish My Uterus Shot Bullets So the Government Wouldnt Regulate It

US Sail Level 2 Instructor
US Sail Level 3 Coach