it does not matter really.

Why not?

Becouse if the USA find it in US interest - the US will act on national interests no matter what I think or what president is elected in a few days smile

The rest of your question is really about moral and good vs evil. That is really not "essencial".

Without a sound economy and a unified populace to build on - the toolbox for implementing foreign policy becomes very restricted. Lack of finances and a populace with high level of internal tension was what brought the USSR down.

USA is built on some clear principles (known as what forms policy) and needs, and have a strong history. I dont find much of those principles and history represented by the two candidates. Even though one of them do claim to represent just this: MAGA etc. while the other claim to be the candidate for a growing economy (but no mention about budget deficits)..

Be assured that I have the same questions on our own government - and I dont find much I can respect there either.

Of much more interest is the original topic Todd brought up. What role does the media have in the election and in forming policy. Ie. are they reporting fact and bringing valuable analysis/comments/perspectives to the election, or even in forming policy?
I know what I think - and no surprise that I think media is guilty of dumbing down and distorting facts more than serving their independent og very important role. And I find the same viewpoints and angles on matters in our national media.
Pretty interesting?