hmm... obama did indeed fire a general.... In fact he fired the general he inherited and who was stone cold crazy and a future russian asset. in fact... Trump fired the same guy.

Obama fired Mcrystal for going on the record.... that is ON THE RECORD for bashing obama choices. Even the military guys said that obama had to fire him... because of the rank insubordination.

So... we are now 4 - 5 years out in Afhgan... who was right?. Mcrystal... escalate... Obama... mititgate the fubar?

Obama was sorry that he had to fire McCrytsal... even tho he disagreed with McCrystals judgement. In the end, McCrystal was a great general... and a lousy politician..... aka the peter principle... you rise to your level of incompetence.

The strength and weakness of the US military is the chain of command... A 4 star tells a 3 star what he believes. They manage this by moving people through the system. Equally important is civilian control of the military. The generals serve the elected reps.

I am not so keen on having a general in the civilian role of Defense sec. 4 stars tell 3 stars how high to jump. That is why they had a rule against a general walking over. Trump is so off the charts... a smart general was a lifesaver.

obviously you hate obama...pray tell.. what are the skills you need to be commander in chief and which background serves you better in the US system of three co equal branches.

community organizer/law professor/state legislature/senator versus
real estate developer/TV reality star/Branding wiz versus
Baseball team owner/Texas governor/3rd generation scion of political family.

Make your case for commander in chief ... (then I will make mine)