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Hopefully, you're kidding Jake.

She didn't publicly concede and congratulate her opponent until the next day. That's pretty weak, at the very least for the untold thousands of people who worked on her campaign.

Normally, the loser publicly concedes before the winner accepts.

Maybe she was just getting a head start on prepping for the rematch.


Talk about splitting hairs. Trump had ALREADY filed lawsuits to contest elements of the election before it practically began and you're upset because Clinton delayed making her public speech until the next morning? She didn't deny anything, didn't discount the result, she didn't do anything but make a positive, rebuilding, concession speech. I'm pretty sure you would find a way to be upset about anything she did because if that riles you up, wow.

So I did a little research and you're right, the concession speech usually precedes the victory speech. Typically, however, the victory speech waits until the concession speech takes place and usually falls about an hour later. For instance, in 2004, Kerry waited until late into the next day in order to contest a close vote in Ohio. He delivered his concession speech at 3pm and W gave his victory speech an hour later. No concession speeches have take place after 1am since 1992 so, at some point, you have to wonder if it's just too late at 3am and might as well wait until the next morning...but whatever, man..I'm still not sure how that timing affects anything. Maybe we ask why Donald went ahead and did his victory speech before the concession but, while I can guess at what his opinion might have been on the topic, I really don't care. It's over, I personally felt like the speeches and outreach by everyone involved was gracious and healing and I don't see how the minutia of the timing affects any single important thing.

I'm just glad the hate filled speech has been given a rest for the moment.

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