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Can someone point to some measurements that yield valid data .... the frequency and number of nutter home invasions is increasing???

A single event in the country a year could be enough of reason for you to take an action. Hell... No actions are needed to express a value.... You can make it up. "I value guns" Full stop..

Stop being lazy and go do some of your own research... you will be surprised at the statistics specifically of the robberies that occur while someone is in the house that brews into a murder, or the rapes... There is a very popular Weta sailor out here, that I believe has posted here a few times, whose stepson's murderer was just convicted after 20 years. He surprised the burglar when he came home and was stabbed to death. And this was not some PG County Ghetto Hood either.

Would having a gun changed the outcome of that encounter... that we don't know, but this happens a lot more that what you elude to with your statement above.

Again, I am not advocating guns... I have a dog's bark that does a better job of keeping them away... Again, for those the chose this I have no problems with you... but two things... my child will not come to your house to play with your child... and if you pull it you better use it because it may be used on you.

I guess your tune will change if it hits close to home for you.

Let move on to something more pleasant like Damon getting this site up and running an how we can support his with this.

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