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So people are lazy? They aren't willing to take control and take better care of themselves, so they want a small bandaid fix on what is in actuality a non-issue to make them feel better about being an overweight slob?

You can't fix crazy. There's a lot of people on this planet, some of them are going to do some f ucked up things, the tools don't matter. I'm not sure removing an essential part of the checks and balances our government is built around is wise.

I'm not sure what you mean by a "non-issue"...you talking about gun related deaths?

Absolutely people are lazy. There are a lot of ways a people can negatively impact their health and we all do at least some of them. It would be insane to expect that level of governance to make people take care of themselves (with regards to something that mostly impacts the person who's responsible himself). Bandaid? Gun deaths? I'm not an overweight slob and I would feel better if we at least made some sort of effort to reduce the number of gun related deaths. I want our society to thrive and advances...making this place safer, more comfortable, easier to live and thrive in so the people that DO take care of themselves have an easier path to success and enjoying life. It's important to me that people don't needlessly lose their lives in a way that is out of their control but that can be prevented.

You can actually make a pretty significant impact on crazy...for starters, making it harder for people who are certifiably crazy, and getting government assistance because of it (because that an easy list to create), to buy a gun (you know, the bit Trump just undid). You can also improve the mental health care in the country (which, BTW, is a really poorly run system). Background checks can certainly be improved. You can make guns, or certain types of guns, harder or impossible to obtain. There are plenty of examples of these things, and more, that have simply saved lives.

I'm lost on your point about checks-n-balances part - are you referring to guns again or something else?

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