Profiles in Poltroonery

**** assholes playing the role of “senator” and “former FBI Director” and “Director of National Security” and “Director of the NSA” had run for the exits and called out over their shoulders, “Ask Bob Mueller. It’s in his court now.”

Trump is dirty. He’s guilty of something so bad he fired the director of the FBI trying to keep it covered up. He’s running scared. Trump obviously figured that actually obstructing justice by trying to influence a criminal investigation by the FBI was preferable to having that investigation discover what he is covering up. That prospect scares him to death. There is only one question remaining to be answered, really. What information could be so damaging to Trump that it’s worse than obstruction of justice, a federal crime and an impeachable offense?

There’s something out there having to do with Russians and money and Russians and sex. Money laundering? Illegal loans? Offshore payments on which he hasn’t paid tax? Hot and cold running hookers? Peepee parties? Whatever it is, Trump is afraid of it coming out not only because it will cost him the presidency, it will cost him his identity, his manhood. It will cost him who he is.

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