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Inciting violence to swing an election... now now Mikie... The good Doktar Geobbels would be very proud of DNC....


Donald Trump's victory followed by wave of hate crime attacks

In Los Angeles, hate crimes against Latinos had increased by 69 percent

Now now Mikie.. lets get the facts right here... I am sure there was no mention of the Mexican Mafia in the article that reported these facts...

Overall hate crimes in the county declined for seven years until 2015, when they rose 24 percent across the board, according to the commission. Hate crime increased 10 percent statewide last year. Sadly, Mexican Mafia–tied street gangs were blamed for the oversize share of hate crimes.

"As in past years, the largest number of hate crimes targeted African-Americans, who represent only about 8.3 percent of county residents but [who] were 58 percent of victims of racial hate crime," according to a summary of the report. "A significant factor driving the over-representation of black hate crime victims are racially motivated attacks by street gangs, mostly those with ties to the prison-based Mexican Mafia gang."

You're getting very boring....