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We're too divided. Maybe what we need is a horrifying failure for the next four years, to unify us behind someone like in the Carter/Reagan election? Bush II and Obama tried, but apparently weren't quite bad enough.

Channeling Rachel Phelps here...


I would counter that it's in no one's best interest that the government "fail". I doubt seriously that anyone would actually wish that upon their political rival, as my recollection of a failed government is something like Somalia which no one wants.

Sure, you've stockpiled 10,000 rounds of ammunition and some C-4. But I don't think that will solve a whole lot when the country is in khaos (no utilities, no martial law, etc.). Unless you've got a large piece of property (and the manpower to defend it from the hoards) and are really good at farming...

You clearly missed the sarcasm. You need to go watch Major League again.

No one wants a repeat of the gas rationing or any of the other economic horrors of the late 70s. And, we're extremely unlikely to find another Reagan.