Why is it, that with complex problems like voting the leader, makes that everybody tries to proof his right.
Advancing out that all the facts point in their big being right.
Despite the media epoch which informs every intelligent person very well.

There is a theory that our judgement is far less rational as we think.

This theory suggests that we all have this moral gut feeling which works as a loathsome mechanisme.
This starts already when we are baby's. Do you, yes or no, like the milk, the food , which toys to play with, etc.

Later on this moral intuition will eventually bond people together in "moral tribes".
Like the conservatives contra the progessives, the left or rightwings, etc.

However, because of this loathing mechanism, bringing up facts and figures, wlll by definition never convince the other tribe!

More's the pity that this theory gives no real solution.
Maybe focus on the moderating group. Hardliners can never be reached anyway.

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