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President Donald Trump told a pool of reporters that he thought the execution on the ground, at the airports, was working out very nicely.


Trump did accomplish something truly remarkable. He managed to spark another round of massive nationwide protest for the second time in just the first week of his presidency. And people are willing to go to [bleeped] places to protest. Last week, it was parks. This week, it was airports. Next week, people are going to march for gay rights at the DMV, Meyers joked, although, the way this administration is going, he could be right about that prediction.

Meyers noted that federal judges have issued a stay on Trumps executive order, proving the president might not have had a full chance to think about this.

Trump should be the first president that legally has to count to 100 before taking action, Meyers said. Not because he will think better of it, but because he will forget what it is.

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