What I don't understand is why people care about firearm related anything when it's such a small portion of what kills people every year. The medical industry as a whole unintentionally kills something crazy like 400,000 people a year. Wrong medications, misused prescriptions, screw ups in treatment.

Cancer kills 600,000
Heart disease another 600,000
Respiratory diseases 150,000
Accidents 150,000 (of which some are firearm related)
Stroke 130,000
Alzheimers 90,000
Diabetes 80,000
Influenza and pneumonia 55,000
Nephritis (No clue what that is) 48,000
Suicide, (of which some are with firearms) 43,000

I just don't see how such a statistically insignificant number is such a hot button with people

I'm boatless.