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You can also improve the mental health care in the country (which, BTW, is a really poorly run system).

Any suggestions on a starting point?

Universally include more significant mental health care in health insurance coverage for starters. Place more legal emphasis and oversight on the facilities that are providing serious/emergency mental health care. There is a lot of BS going on in the facilities that are run by big business and its nearly impossible to get the legal / policing system to take incidents seriously.

Actually the police and legal system does take mental health seriously. The problem, at least here,is their hands are tied by the Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act, which virtually abolished involuntary hospitalization except in extreme cases. All they can do is hold them for 24 to 72 hours. From there you go before the judge, they ask three questions, and if you can answer them you're on your way back out.

I can't speak for your neck of the woods, but out here and quite a few other states mental health is generally under the domain of the state or county government.. I don't know how much more oversight you can get.. Regarding the private facilities these are generally Hiltons with psyc staff. I think by your statement of big business, are you referring to the convalescent facilities that may have a psychiatrist on call.

As for the coverage, I believe this was addressed with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008(MHPAEA) which pretty much does cover what is detailed at the time in the DSM-IV.. which is now DSM-5.

UHS is one example and is a national outfit. They get away with quite a lot that is not in the interest of the patient. I'm not going into details but trust that I have witnessed several of the exact poor/illegal practices as what is portrayed in this article by the same company.

There are also other specific cases where our mental health care system failed to properly handle persons with issues that have turned violent. It's HARD and it's definitely complex but there is certainly room for improvement.

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